Sidings Media Railway Controller

Sidings Media Railway Controller aims to provide you a quick and easy way of controlling your model railway from your computer without all of the complications of DCC.


This project is split into multiple repositories. Each repo can be found in the Sidings Media organization and are prefixed with SMRC. There are repos for firmware, hardware and various clients. An extensive list can be found below. All documentation for the project can be found in this repo under the docs directory.

Repo URL



The cross platform desktop client


All board designs and schematics


All firmware for the boards


The logos for the project


The bootloaders for all official SMRC boards


The template for all SMRC repos



All official SMRC projects (i.e all in the table above), use the REUSE standard in order to communicate the correct licence for the file. For those unfamiliar with the standard the licence for each file can be found in one of three places. The licence will either be in a comment block at the top of the file, in a .license file with the same name as the file, or in the dep5 file located in the .reuse directory. If you are unsure of the licencing terms please email

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