Directory structure

The project uses the following directory structure:

    ├─ .github/
    ├─ .reuse/
    ├─ config/
    ├─ LICENSES/
    ├─ main-process/
    ├─ public/
    ├─ scripts/
    ├─ src/
    │  ├─ styles/
    │  ├─ ui/

The first two directories are for project administration. They contain config files for managing the repository. The config/ directory contains configuration ejected from create-react-app. This config controls things like building the REACT files and running the development server. The main-process/ directory contains the source files for the electron app and the main process. Files like the preloader and main entry point are located here. LICENSES/ contains all the licences used in this repository. They have been downloaded using the reuse tool. public/ contains all of the files you want to be accessible to REACT such as images. They will be copied into build/ when the react files are built. This directory contains all of the files created by create-react-app. scripts/ contains all of the scripts referenced by package.json. This includes the scripts that were ejected by react-scripts. src/ contains two sub-directories, styles/ and ui/. styles/ contains all of the styles for the react components. ui/ contains the react components themselves.