Directory structure

The logos repository uses the following directory structure:

├─ .github/
├─ .reuse/
├─ rendered/

The first three files are used for repo administration. They are the same as in all of the other official SMRC projects. The .github/ directory contains configuration files for functions such as workflows. The .reuse/ directory contains a dep5 file that covers all of the logos and other images without having to add a .licence file for each image. LICENSES/ contains all of the licences used in the repository.

All of the SVG files should be placed in the root of the project. The rendered/ directory contains all rendered versions of the SVG files in the document root. The files should be named in the following format:


Here is an example for a logo with the filename track-bw-square.svg rendered at a size of 192 pixels by 192 pixels in the portable network graphics (PNG) format.


There are a few exceptions to this rule, especially regarding favicons. Favicon files should not follow the rule defined previously and should instead be named in the form favicon.<format>.